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Papaya is a feminised indica dominant strain that based on the well-known genetics of Jack Herer and Skunk#1. The plant develops thick, short structure and demonstrates quick, vigorous growth and flowering. It is ideal for indoor growing. The harvest comes after 7-9 weeks of bloom and brings 350-450 g/m² of juice, dense buds. The smoke brings enjoyable relaxation and calming and feeling of euphoria and happiness. Papaya offers an exotic tropical smoke with hints of whiskey and tobacco.


Citral x Ice



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Buds are still drying and will report back with more once done.


Well these girls have been an absolute pleasure to grow. Handled anything that was thrown at them, like high temps and humidity, a case of thrips, under watering, overwatering. You name it and they’ve just bounced back so well.. They smell is sooooo light, so so mild, which is such a shock as although Nirvana say it’s a low smelling strain, I did expect that to be a bit of a gimmick with my lack of previous experience. But....... it really truly is a low smell strain if your looking to keep it stealth.That being said they do smell fruity with a woody essence so far.. Buds feel solid and I hope they stay that way.. :crossed_fingers:Will update once dried with a smoke report!UPDATE: Saturday 5th DecemberI’ve ended up with 62g on the scales now dry and that’s after a few joints already :star-struck:Smoke is light with no harsh burn on the throat, ash looks pretty light to me but I’ve never thought to check that before :relaxed:. Very sweet undertones of fruits and a subtle woody pine smells come through..At first smoke! I’m sat there thinking well this is a little ok, you know just nice and heady not too strong. Almost a little disappointed that some how I’ve obviously messed this all up and then mother fucking BOOM :boom:.... Steam train hits you.. I’m still not sure how to describe it all, still a little heady, upbeat, but lovely and relaxing all rolled into one. But wow totally full on. Not woozy or couch-locked but defo smacks you round the face. My arms and legs feel all tingly.. I :heart: this strain a lot. I’m sooooo pleased with the result. Now in jars curing so I hope the smell and taste develops more with time :heart_eyes:....Thanks to the Seedsman for supplying such top quality products like this wonderful Nirvana Papaya strain. It’s been an absolute pleasure! I’ve got a lovely cutting in with my last girl doing really nicely which I’m going to put back into veg once the last lady is finished (keeping the last lady in flower a bit longer as the hubby struggles with sleep and I wanted to give him a proper sleep medicine).UPDATE: Wednesday 9th December:Last lady chopped today. Her wet weight came in at 3.63oz and currently drying out, so will update the total dry weight very soon..UPDATE: FINAL WEIGHTS:First 3 plants - 62gLast plant - 22gTOTAL WEIGHT - 84g


Desde que me fije en esta cepa para trabajarla, leí que era difícil, que tenia espacio internodal largo, que era débil y daba poca producción, pero mi experiencia fue al contrario, resistió mucho las podas y amarres, su estructura era notoriamente mas frágil que el resto de sus compañeras en el armario, pero su densidad de flores y aroma a fruto tropical me enamoro, definitivamente la volveré a cultivar y experimentare con su versión regular a ver su sale algo interesante en un futuro, muy recomendable si quieres ya empezar con cepas de mas cuidado ya que debe estar bien nutrida y en mi caso tomaba mucha agua, resistencia muy fuerte a enfermedades ya que nunca mostro ningún signo, en general muy buena experiencia con nirvana seeds y papaya :heart_eyes_cat:Ya secos y al probar su sabor a fruta tropical, mucha resina y un final de wiskey muy rico al fumar.

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